9 Detachable Tablets To Replace Your PC


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Tablet sales have fallen, but interest in detachable devices is on the rise. Could one of these hybrids replace your PC? Here is a look at 9 options.

The tablet market is in trouble. A new report from IDC shows tablet shipments hit 39.6 million during the first quarter, which marks a 14.7% drop year-over-year.

In the months when slate sales have been in constant decline, the demand for detachable tablets has risen. Hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface that are equipped with a compatible keyboard have seen significant growth.

Microsoft started the detachable tablet trend when it launched its Surface product lineup. The company has unveiled several iterations of the Surface and Surface Pro, which were most recently updated with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book in October 2015.

Several tech companies have recognized the appeal of these hybrid devices and followed Microsoft's lead. Smartphone makers including Samsung and Huawei have begun to release detachables in an effort to break into the growing market.

IDC claims the growing popularity of these hybrid devices should give traditional PC makers reason for concern. There is tremendous potential for the detachable tablet market to grow, especially as PC sales continue to slide and businesses consider replacing PCs with smaller, more mobile devices.

The competition among detachable tablet makers is only in its early stages, but there are already several devices on the market powerful enough to replace the PC. Here, we spotlight nine of these hybrids.

Do you already use a detachable tablet? Would you consider replacing your traditional PC with one of these models? Have we missed any detachables in this roundup? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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