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Data generation, collection, and analysis are making their way into more types of products and services. The trend is creating new opportunities for innovation, some of which are so impactful, they're causing some companies to revisit their business models. The path to success isn't always obvious, however, so here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

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    Chrome Update Kills "Annoying" Page Jumps as You Browse

    In a new update to Chrome, Google is attempting to eliminate those obnoxious – or as they put it “annoying” – page jumps as pages load on mobile.The video above shows a before and after with page-jump-killer included.
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    Google Opens Up Google Play Early Access to More Developers

    During Google I/O, Google announced a new initiative for developers to help them get testers for their apps or games via Google Play instead of through what could be an expensive external beta test.The initiative was headlined by the Early Access section in Google Play, which initially was a hand-selected set of apps or games from developers that you and I could try out and provide feedback on.
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    So Ummm, the HTC U Ultra, Eh?

    Let’s talk about the HTC U Ultra.Additionally, you know what’s going to happen between now and mid-March, when the U Ultra is scheduled to ship?
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    Waze Beacons Keep You Connected in Tunnels

    Bluvision's beacons are rated IP67, which means they can withstand splashes from tires and windshield wipers as cars zoom through tunnels.Approximately 42 beacons per mile of tunnel are required at a cost of $28.