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You are definitely reading this thanks to the internet and if there is one unbreakable law of the internet it is this – we all LOVE cats! Neko Atsume Cats APK is an amazing game for android that has become extremely popular and why not? This is a game that is great to look at and even better when it comes to playing. Should you download Neko Atsume APK? Yes? No? Read this article. AppsFan Team have downloaded and tried this lovely cat game and here is our review! Neko Astume APK revolves around cats and their lives. Players are supposed to purchase eatables, furniture, awesome toys in order to attract more cats to them. This is also a sort of Facebook for cats as users can take photographs of the cats and save it in albums, along with watching cats in the gardens and keeping a tab of the activities that the cats do. Does the game have an ending? Not really. But the cats will only be attracted towards you if you continue to provide food to them. What the cats do is leave behind silver and gold sardines for the users which can be used by the players to either purchase different varieties of food or update the gardens and surrounding areas. While the game is absolutely free to play, there are in-app purchases that users can make to buy extra gold and silver sardines (called ‘niboshi' in the game). As mentioned previously, Neko Atsume apk brings a world around cats. And there are a LOT of them! Players can look forward to collecting over 49 different types of cats; 17 of which are rare ones and make an appearance only when the player leave behind special items on the yards and gardens. Each cat has their own names and personalities and is also different to look at. The cats derive their names from famous personalities both fictional and non-fiction. There is some great puns and wordplay too when it comes to naming the cats. The founder and developer of Neko Atsume, initially created this game with the idea of children playing it and having a good time without the need of significant skills or time commitment. However, the game has become extremely popular, and what was first an app that was targeted mainly to the Japanese crowd, later released the English version with the name Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. With over ten million downloads so far, it is fair to say that Neko Atsume is a blockbuster app that is got quite the fan following. The game has an excellent design to go along with the gameplay and have also won the CEDEC Award for its wonderful game design. If you are interested in looking at cute animated cats who will leave behind valuable sardines which you can further use to attract even cuter digital cats, then this game is an absolute delight and a half. Download it today and have your own colony of cute rare cats that will provide you excellent company. Download it meow! We mean now... :)

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