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Here is why you need to download the TubeMate APK file and install the app on your android tablet or smartphone. It is the one of the BEST apps that you will have used to download videos from YouTube and other platforms. It is extremely easy to use TubeMate. There is hardly any learning curve or getting used to the app that user will go through. Everything is smooth and very straightforward. TubeMate has been in the scene of apps that help in downloading content from YouTube for quite some time now and it has improved with time. However, Tubemate is not limited to just YouTube. It offers a whole range of ther paltforms that you can download videos from. Some of these platforms are: •Dailymotion •YouKu •MetaCafe •Vimeo •FaceBook •Naver •Google •Vaum That is a pretty extensive list of platforms that TubeMate allows users to download content from and its improving with time and providing regular updates to users for a further enriching experience while using this app. TubeMate is pretty slick and awesome! What makes the app so amazing is that you can multitask while videos and other content gets downloaded in the background. TubeMat allows you to download two videos at a time. You can actually set up a download list by choosing videos you want to download and queue them up. As a video download is completed, the next one starts. In case there is a connection error, then the download will be paused, and once the connection has been reset, the download continues without any data being lost.  Apart from downloading, if you want to watch videos, you can do them too and it works just like the YouTube app in this aspect. There are different folders assigned to different content. The music folder for instance, is where all the content related to music gets downloaded. Likewise, the video files get downloaded in the video folder. Download speeds can range up to 20Mbps. If for some reason, the user finds that hiss smartphone or tablet seems to slow down due to this high download speed, then the download speed can be brought down. The user also has the option to pause and resume a download at one’s own convenience. TubeMate can be downloaded online and then transferred to your android apps. The TubeMate app is actually not available on Google Playstore but the apk file can be downloaded and transferred to the android device and the app can be installed. The app is excellent and simple to use while being an efficient way to download video content that you are looking for. The quality of the videos users want to download can be formatted too and users have the choice of downloading videos according to the format they desire. TubeMate supports 240p, 360p but can also download 1080p high quality HD videos This is an app that you will hardly find a reason to complain about. Download its APK today and start using it.

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