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Android users usually use Google Play Store to download apps and that in itself is fine. However there are alternative to Google Play Store though and these alternatives are making quite the name and creating decent enough market spaces for themselves. Blackmart Alpha happens to be one of the alternatives to Google Play Store. You can download Blackmart Alpha APK in your computer and transfer the apk file to your gadgets that have an Android operating system. The advantage of Blackmart, as opposed to Google Play Store, is that you do not need to have to be registered on Google or have a Google account. Functions and Features of Blackmart Blackmart has a lot of things going for it. For one, it is very easy to use and allows users to download various useful apps. What makes Blackmart so enticing is that there are no trial periods or test periods of the apps. You can use every app that is provided in Blackmart absolutely free. The main difference between Google Play Store and Blackmart is that Google Play Store has a number of paid apps. This means that not everyone will be able or willing to download the premium apps that are available on Google Play Store. Blackmart Apk also has multi-language options that cater to quite a large audience. The user interface is simple as is the application user experience. It is also easy to download the application and install Blackmart on your smartphones and tablets. While Google Play Store is the default apps marketplace on Android smartphones and gadgets and that is why when you want to install Blackmart on your android run gadgets you need to follow a different set of methods. Firstly you will need to go to ‘Settings' on your phone and press Security to check if apps from unknown sources and be downloaded. Next you will have to transfer the downloaded apk file from your computer to the android run smartphone or tablet. Next a simple installation process is carried out and all the user needs to do is enter their name. Now even paid apps can be downloaded! To start downloading, the user needs to select the app from the marketplace. To make sure the apps are authentic, the user needs to tap the ‘Get to Market' icon. Once this process has been done, the user needs to click on the notification area to make sure that the downloaded app is being installed. Almost all paid apps on Android can be found here for free. This, however, is not to encourage people to not pay for paid apps. On the contrary, once you use a paid app for free and find it of benefit, you should look to download the actual paid app and pay the makers their due. Blackmart is an interesting alternative to Google Play Store and will continue to see a rise in the number of users. Download it today and check it out.

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