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If you happen to be someone who regularly uses YouTube, you should definitely get iTube Pro Apk for your android device. One of the attractive features that iTube Pro for Android offers a user is the ability to best use YouTube and its resources without the need of being connected to the internet. Let us have a detailed look on the features of iTube Pro. Firstly, it is an attractive app for anyone who has limited bandwidth to use. This is important as normally browsing on YouTube and downloading the videos will consume a lot of bandwidths and is definitely not cheap. All a user needs to do is download iTube Pro Apk and install it and then whichever video you want to download, just watch it once and an automatic download starts for which you do not need an internet connection. Another attractive feature of the iTube Pro Apk is that it allows users to create playlists. You can basically create a list of all your favorite songs, or of funny videos – or just about anything that you have in mind. These lists are easily manageable too. One awesome advantage of creating a list is that you do not need to scroll through a lot of videos if you intend to watch a specific video related to a certain genre. This is a very user-friendly and time-saving feature. One of the most important things when it comes to using apps is how user-friendly it is and whether it is a fun experience to use it. The iTube Pro app gets a check mark in both these factors. Not only is the app very easy to use but the user interface is also pretty simple with nothing in it to make the experience a complicated one. It is an app that is quite fast on its own. The loading time for a video is the same time one would expect a normal video to load. Furthermore, once it has been loaded and watched, you have the video with you forever unless you decided to delete it. Videos that you have downloaded can be divided according to YouTube features such as view count, relevance, date it was published, playlists you create and according to the channel the video belongs to. There was no bugs or breakdowns experience while using the iTube Pro. It has been easy and a pleasurable to use this app. To download or not to download the app, that seems to be the question. Personally, this is a great little app that is easy and fun to use. You can easily download all your favorite videos and watch them at your own easy pace once you are no longer in a Wi-Fi zone. Simple and basic user interface, excellent user experience, and ease of use – iTube Pro Apk is well worth the download. Do not delay and try it out today by downloading this useful app!

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