Save Your Periscope Broadcasts Forever


Periscope's latest update makes it more Facebook Live, less Snapchat, as you can now permanently save broadcasts.

Just add #save to your title, and the video will remain active for more than the usual 24 hours. In fact, it will remain active forever.

The Sandlot forever GIFThis is "something that clearly the community cares a lot about," CEO Kayvon Beykpour said in a video posted to Periscope Wednesday. "We are actively building support for controlling how your broadcasts stay on Periscope. And that includes keeping those broadcasts forever."

Saved videos will appear in a user's profile, amidst more recent clips. The function also extends to Twitter, email, and any other platform on which broadcasts are shared.  There is currently no limit on the number of videos a user can save.

That being said, the #save option is currently in beta and Periscope wants your feedback. Android and iOS owners are encouraged to visit and try it out. Things will likely change before a full rollout, like ditching the need for the #save hashtag. 

"'Save' is a really flexible solution," Beykpour said, but "this is a really important change that we're making, and we want to make sure that when we roll it out broadly, that it works really, really well."

If you're not quite ready for your closeup, Periscope said it's also working on ways for you to delete your videos before the standard 24 hours are up. Or you can just continue with the 24-hour cycle.

The move comes as Periscope says goodbye to Katch, a third-party tool for saving broadcasts and sharing them elsewhere. According to TechCrunch, the start-up exhausted its funding and shut down last month.

For more, see PCMag's review of Periscope and the slideshow above.

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