6 Secrets 100 Winning IT Organizations Share


We asked the IT leaders in the 2016 InformationWeek Elite 100 about how they're addressing important IT issues, such as tech spending, organizational priorities, and strategy. Find out what we learned, and see how your IT organization stacks up.

Every year, InformationWeek releases the Elite 100 -- a ranking of the nation's most innovative users of business technology. As part of the process, we also conduct the annual InformationWeek Elite 100 Executive Research Survey, which offers a unique glimpse into the strategies of these 100 large, leading-edge IT organizations.

The survey, which is open only to Elite 100 applicants, polled US-based companies and higher education institutions that have $250 million or more in revenue. Subsidiaries with revenues below $250 million may apply for the Elite 100 if their parent company has qualifying revenue and their parent company did not apply. Federal, state, county, and local or municipal US agencies are also eligible to apply.

The survey responses give us insight into how these organizations address important IT issues, such as tech spending, organizational priorities, and strategy. For example, we asked respondents to name the top three ways their organizations plan to innovate with technology this year. Using data analytics to make better business decisions, engaging customers in new ways, and making business processes more efficient were at the top of the list.

We also asked how well IT is playing with others in the organization, and what processes are in place to facilitate collaboration. The most common processes are: having business-unit leaders on technology steering committees, conducting agile development with business unit guidance, and having a business-unit member embedded within agile development teams. The survey results also show us how involved CIOs are with business functions at leading organizations, what the chain-of-command looks like for CIOs, and whether respondents expect their IT budgets to change this year.

Once you've reviewed our findings, join us in the comments section below to tell us what you think, and share how your organization stacks up against the Elite 100.

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