How to Boost Customer Experience – and Gain Competitive Advantage – in Financial Services


The rapid rise of Fintech and the development of new applications, processes, products and business models present new challenges and opportunities as it both disrupts and transforms financial services organizations.

Above all, it has become essential for organizations to ensure a great customer experience if they want to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Join InformationWeek for a 60-minute webinar to learn what helps customer experience leaders thrive and how they beat laggards across the board.

According to Forrester, superior customer experience drives superior revenue growth. That’s true whenever customers can easily switch their business, and competitors offer differentiated experiences. As part of its ongoing research on customer experience and competitiveness, Forrester compared the revenue growth of companies with superior customer experience to that of their direct competitors with comparatively inferior customer experience across a range of industries including full service wealth management and property & casualty insurance.

We’ll also discuss ways for financial services organizations to meet expectations for convenience, speed and trust while reducing the risk of failure by:

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