Samsung is making another Gear Fit wearable, but that’s not all


Samsung may be planning a return to the world of fitness tracking, after spending some time concentrating on the Gear S2 smartwatch, with a follow-up to the Gear Fit smart band, and a set of wireless activity monitoring earbuds. Tentatively known as the Gear Fit 2 and the IconX earbuds, here’s what we think we know about them so far.

Samsung released the original Gear Fit back in 2014, when it stood out from other smart wrist bands due to the beautiful, curved Super AMOLED display. The sequel will continue with this theme, according to a leak published by Venturebeat. The rumored big new feature in the Fit 2 will be a GPS unit, a feature usually found on more running-focused wearables, and notorious for being a serious battery hog.

Images that accompany the leak show a curved screen mounted on a black silicone strap, and a rear mounted heart rate sensor, with what appear to be quick-release buttons to change the strap itself. Another side-on picture reveals a pair of hardware buttons. The leak comes from someone apparently testing a prototype of the Gear Fit 2. It’s also shown alongside a Gear S2 smartwatch, giving us an idea of the size.

The first Gear Fit had numerous issues, but Samsung has had plenty of time to fix them. Now we must wait to see when, or if, it decides to make the Fit 2 official.

Unlike its fitness band exploits, Samsung has been more consistent with releasing Bluetooth headphones over the past few years, with the Level U and Gear Circle ‘halo’-style headsets being a precursor to the IconX earbuds seen in this leak. Like Motorola’s Verve Ones and the Earin wireless ‘buds, these are tiny, separate earbuds with no wires at all.

Working as both a music player and a n in-ear fitness tracker, one of the earbuds has 4GB of internal storage space for your music, but a Bluetooth connection is likely so you can stream audio as well. Leaked by the same source, images show the buds inside a storage case that’s said to double as the charger, while the touch-controlled buds are supposed to be water and dust resistant.

While the wireless earbud trend is becoming more widespread, there’s also talk Apple is working on a set of wireless ‘buds for the iPhone 7, something Samsung may also be investigating for a future Galaxy S-series phone. Samsung has also been gradually improving its S Health app, which is available through Google Play, or coming preinstalled on its smartphones. We’d expect both these new fitness devices to link to it, should they be released.

There’s no information on the cost, or potential release date for either the Gear Fit 2 or the IconX earbuds, but we’ll keep you updated with any news or further leaks right here.

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