Lyft Carpool Lets Drivers Pick Up People Along Their Commute


Lyft has a new carpool feature for users who want to earn a little extra cash—or help the environment.

Appropriately named Lyft Carpool, the feature allows Lyft drivers commuting to the Bay Area to pick up other people along their journey. Drivers who live outside San Francisco, for example, but work primarily within the city limits must drive in, often with empty seats in their vehicles. With Lyft Carpool, they can pick up people who share their commute and earn up to $10 per trip or $400 per month.

"As a Carpool driver, you'll pick up one rider along your commute, join the carpool lane, and still get to work on time," Lyft says. "You choose to drive whenever works for you. There's no commitment."

Lyft Carpool is launching in partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's 511 Rideshare program in the Bay Area, but will eventually expand to other cities. All transactions are made through the Lyft app, so drivers and passengers don't exchange cash.

"Lyft Carpool seamlessly manages each trip, so both drivers and riders enjoy the ride," according to Lyft. "Beyond coordinating matching and sending trip reminders, Carpool provides two-way ratings, and secure messaging."

Interested drivers can sign up now.

For Lyft veterans, this might sound familiar. In late 2014, Lyft revealed Driver Destination, an extension of Lyft Line, which allowed drivers to offer rides when it was convenient for them. How does Carpool differ? Lyft told The Verge that Lyft Line is for the driver who "doesn't have a destination of their own in mind" and is looking to make some extra cash. While Carpool does offer a payout, "mileage reimbursement rate is mandated by the IRS at 54 cents a mile. They will be able to earn up to $10, but they won't be able to profit from their participation," Lyft told The Verge.

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