30 iOS 9 Tips for Apple Fanatics


Apple has rolled out many new mobile operating systems. Nine, in fact. Some have gone smoothly, others less so, but each brings new features or ways of doing things. With Apple's hyper focus on usability, that's typically a big win.

iOS 8 had plenty of great features. But iOS 9, despite roll-out hiccups, is currently the best and brightest, and comes pre-installed on new iPhones and iPads. The casual iPhone user probably won't even notice much difference between iOS 8 and 9 (or hell, even iOS 7). There are cosmetic things—iOS 9 uses a new system font (San Francisco) that carries over from Apple Watch, Siri's waveform animation is more colorful, and the keyboard now shows lowercase letters (more on that to follow). Is that enough for most people? As of March 7, 2016—seven months since iOS 9 shipped—more than 79 percent of iOS users had upgraded to iOS 9, according to Apple.

For anyone with the latest iOS devices, the jump to iOS 9—up to version 9.3 as of March—is worth it. While Apple will likely unveil the next version of iOS at WWDC in June, we probably won't get our hands on it until the fall, so here's how to make the most of iOS 9 before iOS 10 (X?) arrives.

This story was originally published on Sept. 23, 2015.

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