Evernote, Facebook Now Sync with Outlook's Calendar App


Do you have notes and event reminders across various apps and services? If one of those apps is Outlook for iOS or Android, you can now link up to Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote and see everything in one place.

"By connecting your calendar with a wide range of services, Outlook will be able to provide you with a far better view of your day, week, and months ahead," Microsoft said in a blog post.

With Facebook connected, Outlook can display any event you're invited to or have accepted, as well as your friends' birthdays. You can also RSVP to Facebook invites within the Outlook app. Anything else will require switching over to the Facebook app by tapping the "Open in Facebook" button.

With Wunderlist, all your to-dos will appear in the calendar app's All Day section. To link up, "simply swipe from the left while in Outlook's calendar and next to Calendar Apps tap the Add button," Microsoft says.

Evernote's appearance in Outlook is nothing new; it's already available as an add-in for Outlook.com and Office 365. With the mobile app integration, you can set a reminder for a note, and it will automatically appear in your calendar.

The calendar app's new integration capability is based on similar features from Sunrise, which Microsoft acquired last year. 

The Microsoft translator app for iOS also got an update, meanwhile, and will now support offline translation of entire web pages.

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