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At the Amazon Summit in Chicago, the CTO of GE Oil & Gas said his unit is exploring ways to better understand and save with the AWS platform.

Charles Babcock

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In an effort to ramp up its vision for an electric and/or self-driving car, Apple's Project Titan is operating a secret lab in the heart of Germany's auto mecca, according to reports.

Dawn Kawamoto

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Most business decision-makers aren't trained to understand data outliers, but they can learn the basics. Executives, managers, and employees without math degrees can ask smarter questions about analyses they're basing crucial judgments on. Here are some things to know.

Lisa Morgan

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Mainframe systems are still the backbone of much of today's IT infrastructure. Yet, finding IT talent to maintain these systems, and the COBOL and Fortran languages that support them, is becoming increasingly difficult. Knowledge transfer expert Steve Trautman, founder of The Steve Trautman Co., offers real-world advice on how IT leaders can cultivate the talent needed to run these crucial systems.

Steve Trautman

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Thanks for the great comments TerryB.  You are spot on in that schools...

Companies are increasingly turning toward the cloud and need to hire workers who can help them get there. Here are the top 10 cloud positions in demand, some of which may surprise you.

Dawn Kawamoto

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I was suprised by some of the jobs listed as well as the salaries. I'm clearly...

Women make up half the population, yet it's been well documented that they don't come close to parity in STEM fields. Could the rise of big data and data science offer women a clearer path to success in technology? Here's a list of 12 inspiring women who work in big data and data science.

Jessica Davis

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Tech workers across the nation may witness a massive pink slip parade this year, should one Wall Street analyst's prediction of more than 260,000 tech layoffs in 2016 come true. Here's at a look at the top 10 companies on his list and why they are there.

Dawn Kawamoto

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This is pathetic. When technology moves up it has direct impact on humans....

Dan Roberts, CEO and president of Ouelette & Associates Consulting, has been coaching CIOs since 1984. What's he's found is that those with a track record for creating high-performing cultures focus on one thing above all else: talent. Here, he shares his guidance on how you can become an IT talent magnet.

Dan Roberts

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Looking for work in tech right now? Looking for ways to expand your role at your current job? I've put on my prognosticator's cap for a look at which software is worth your time. You'll find content management systems, 3D modeling, and programming frameworks in the mix. If you're a hiring manager, it's worth a look to see which software is being used, and where.

Curtis Franklin Jr.

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Good list, though I find it to be 'front-end heavy.' With the plethora of NoSQL...

A new generation of talent is following Millennials into the workplace, bringing with it a fresh set of values and challenges to enterprise IT. Whether you're involved in hiring Gen Z employees for your own IT team or looking for ways to make sure your IT strategy accommodates their expectations across your enterprise, knowing more about this generation's needs and wants is the first step.

Kelly Sheridan

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I agree. There's a lot of overlap in describing generations beginning with...

The impact of H-1B workers on American tech jobs has been a hot-button issue, and now the controversial topic is a talking point in the current presidential race. So, now is a good time learn more about last year's 8 largest H-1B employers.

Dawn Kawamoto

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I noticed a statistically important number. Because Cognizant is 100% Analysis...

CrescentCare Health in New Orleans has expanded beyond its original charter as the NO/AIDS Task Force to serve the broader community. CIO Seema Gai is leading the charge to incorporate data analytics to improve patient outcomes.

Jessica Davis

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Seema Gai has done an impressive job with the legacy systems she inherited....

In its 27th annual Cyberstates study, CompTIA tells us which states experienced the most growth in the number of tech jobs in 2015, and which ones saw declines. See where your state lands.

David Wagner

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@dave -- yes! -- >> they also had the second highest percentage...

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