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IBM embarked on its first quarter breaking out "strategic imperatives," as part of an effort to showcase businesses such as cognitive computing that the company believes will shape its future. Yet, overall IBM's revenue experienced a decline compared to last year's first quarter.

Jessica Davis

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IBM is not a startup, and venture capital is still borrowed money.

Google machine learning wants to harness your unscheduled minutes. Pivotal expands its alliance with Hortonworks. The big data-as-a-service market is forecast to grow in a big way. Dell updates Statistica for "citizen" data scientists. All that and how your emoji choices may be driving your friends away, in the Big Data Roundup for the week ending April 17, 2016.

Jessica Davis

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Las Vegas is a modern high-tech hub. Casinos depend on technology to keep guests happy -- and honest. Here's a look at some of the tech behind the magic, and the lessons that can pay off big for enterprises.

Curtis Franklin Jr.

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Curt,   You don't mention any business acumen until the last slide....

Nvidia's DGX-1 supercomputer is designed to deploy deep learning technology to help businesses quickly dig through huge reams of data. It's another way to bring AI, IoT, and big data technologies into the enterprise.

Nathan Eddy

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Google has launched a new suite of analytics tools for the enterprise. Ex-IBM Watson executive Stephen Pratt, who quit in February, has surfaced at a new AI startup. Forrester released a new list of enterprise priorities in big data. Those items and more in this big data roundup for the week ending March 20.

Jessica Davis

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Recently appointed Carhartt CIO John Hill has taken a career path that spans the IT and business sides of the enterprise. Here's why he thinks it will become increasingly difficult for IT professionals to rise to the CIO level without getting significant business-side experience.

David Wagner

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I don't disagree that knowing how the business works and how individuals inside...

Ambient intelligence promises a world where your car, your home, and your office buildings anticipate your needs. Learn what's happening now, including how people are evaluating the trade-offs between convenience and privacy.

Lisa Morgan

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Hadoop recently celebrated its 10th birthday, advanced analytics have become even more sophisticated, and a plethora of startups have arisen to help organizations wrangle all the data and pull out insights. With all that in mind, here are nine big data and analytics startups to watch.

Jessica Davis

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In the 10 years since developers created Hadoop to wrangle the challenges that came with big data, the ecosystem for these technologies has evolved. The Apache Software Foundation is teeming with open source big data technology projects. Here's a look at some significant projects, and a peek at some up-and-comers.

Jessica Davis

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Jessica, very insightful article. Another open source technology to mention...

When eBay needed to gain more value out of masses of Hadoop data, the company created its own an open source tool called Kylin. Now Kylin is an Apache Foundation project.

Charles Babcock

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What I really like about big data is the amazing insight that one can cull...

MIT researchers have developed a GPU called Eyeriss that could enable algorithms to run locally and instantly, instead of sending raw data into the cloud. This means that a future version of Siri could get you answers much faster.

Michelle Maisto

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The Obama Administration announced changes to the Office of Personnel Management designed to ameliorate the flawed systems and processes that led to a massive data breach in late 2014. The plans -- and the steps taken to get there -- hold lessons for any IT organization.

Larry Loeb

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OPM can't do it, They dont have the skillsets. DoD does. It's that simple.

As more organizations embrace the IoT, some may find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of data generated. Edge analytics can reduce the need to store and process it all at a central location. Here are the details.

Lisa Morgan

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"Undoubtedly,if you did better and more localized analysis with all the IoT...

AI and machine learning are graduating from science fiction to reality. It's estimated that about half of large enterprises are currently experimenting with AI projects. Several vendors, including Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, have donated machine learning development projects to open source.

Jessica Davis

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I agree with the sentiment of the article - the sign post are there and they...

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