Terminus Cofounder and CMO, Sangram Vajre, authors ‘Account-Based Marketing For Dummies’


Terminus co-founder and CMO, Sangram Vajre, has written the first-ever book on account-based marketing (ABM). Account-Based Marketing For Dummies is now available from For Dummies®, the world’s bestselling reference series and a Wiley brand.

“Account-Based Marketing For Dummies outlines the operational process and instructs marketers to become heroes within their organizations,” says Vajre. “Since the inception of B2B marketing, the standard approach has always been spray-and-pray. Marketers would create content and campaigns that were intended to gather as many leads as possible, and then hope that some of these leads became high-quality customers. But that’s woefully inefficient. In contrast, ABM enables marketers to create content and campaigns that target only the best-fit accounts.”

The book, which is Vajre’s first, draws on his background as Head of Marketing at Pardot, acquired by ExactTarget and now owned by Salesforce.com, and more recently his experience at Terminus, a leading provider of ABM software and one of the fastest-growing Software as a Service companies. Since launching its ABM platform in March 2015, the company has grown from $0 to $1.8M in revenue and more than 150 customers, largely due to product-market fit. According to SiriusDecisions, 92% of B2B marketers surveyed identified ABM as a must-have, while only 20% have full programs in place.

“If you’re reading this book and just getting started with ABM, welcome to the future of what B2B marketing can be: insight-led, technology-enabled and, above all, customer focused,” says Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director at SiriusDecisions, who wrote the Foreword for the book. “Our clients are delighted with the business impact they deliver using account-based marketing, and you will be, too.”

Founded in 2014, Terminus is the leading account-based marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale. Backed by notable B2B marketing technology investors, Terminus is headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village where it is rapidly expanding its footprint. Learn more by visiting Terminus.com.

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