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  • B2B Mobile Marketing: the power, the pain, the potential

    Mobile marketing is here, and it isn’t just B2C anymore. More and more companies are not just talking t...

  • Digital pitchforks: Turning social media complaints into brand wins

    Every minute of every day, your brand is on trial in the court of public opinion.Customers complain about...

  • Mobile in Retail: payment wars, showrooming, and SoLoMo strategies

    Mobile in RetailRetailers have become more sophisticated in their response to consumer mobile use and in ...

  • Marketing automation: how to make the right buying decision (the first time)

    Only 5% of businesses are currently using marketing automation, yet those that do are generating outsized...

  • Buyer’s Guide: How to navigate the email marketing landscape

    You’ve got mail.It’s been a long time since any of us have waited for the whir of the modem to finish...

  • Project Management 2015: Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, and the Future

    How we get work done is transforming and evolving at a rapid pace. In addition to the old school project ...

  • Marketing Personalization: maximizing relevance and revenue

    These are early days for many forms of personalization, but there is now substantial evidence in the form...

  • The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer

    There’s more data available than ever, and that’s exactly why it’s so challenging to truly make sen...

  • Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users for less money

    How do you get the best mobile users?To answer that question, we surveyed 731 mobile developers with over...

  • VB Mobile Report Bundle

    Buying and getting the best from mobile marketing technology doesn't need to be difficult. VB Insight has...

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      Download Apps For Free: Music & Audio

      You can use yaBeat from your Android or iOS mobile or also from your personal computer.What You Can Do With yaBeat Mobile You can use yaBeat Mobile to convert any YouTube video that you have downloaded to a different format directly from your smartphone.
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      Evernote Update Lets Employees Read Your Notes

      23, the new rules allow "some" workers to "exercise oversight of machine learning technologies applied to account content … for the purposes of developing and improving the Evernote service.Desktop users on Windows or Mac can encrypt any text inside an annotation, hiding its contents from anyone (including Evernote) without a password.
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      Here are Some of the Rumored Specs for the Other Upcoming HTC Nexus

      If you believe the interwebs, we should see two Nexus phones once again this year, only this time only one manufacturer will make them.Last week, purported specs for the smaller of the two HTC Nexus phones surfaced, and now this week, we are getting specs for the other, larger model.
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      Microsoft Rolls Out 'Stream' Video Platform for Businesses

      It's integrated with Office 365, so employees can share videos inside applications like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.It also plays nice with Office 365 Groups, so every group has a designated channel, which should help keep video content organized.