7 kinds of business apps that would boost productivity if they were on mobile devices


Smartphones are the new de facto computing devices, so enabling employees to quickly complete key transactions from them can transform how effectively your business runs.

Mobile apps need to be simple, fast and capable of delivering the right information. Studies show that the average employee uses a smartphone dozens of time a day for about a minute at a time. To complete a workflow in 60 seconds requires a simplification of the process.

However, most enterprise software vendors try to force-fit their business applications onto mobile devices, ignoring the reality that today’s mobile-first users simply won’t use apps that can’t perform to their level of expectations. Gartner has predicted that by 2017, 50 percent of today’s deployed mobile enterprise apps will be completely rewritten or replaced.

It’s critical that enterprises look for ways to rapidly develop apps that will meet users’ expectations around usability, mobility, and simplicity. To realize value and see return on investment quickly, companies should develop a strategy that focuses on:

Based on these criteria, here are seven types of business applications that organizations would benefit from mobilizing:

With mobile, companies have the ability to transform how they win and retain customers, as well as streamline and improve internal processes. Mobilizing the business applications above help lay a good foundation for increasing customer satisfaction and driving employee adoption.

Mayank Mehta is vice president of product at codeless enterprise mobility platform startup Capriza.

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